We aim to keep you satisfied with our work and the jewellery you buy, so we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund all the money paid for it!


What is the refund process?


Within 30 days, you can exchange the undesired item to another model or get your money back. Before returning your purchase, please contact our specialists by email: info@ziedelis.lt. You will be given the information how to send the item to our office.


Within three working days of receiving the product, our specialists will assess the condition of the product (whether it is undamaged, unmodified, no signs of wear, etc.) and then your money will be refunded.


If, however, the experts find that the product has been damaged, it will not be accepted and the money will not be refunded. Products made to individual order (i.e. products that are not from the range offered on the Seller's website Ziedelis.lt) are non-refundable. The cost of returning the product is paid by the Buyer.




You can be sure that you purchase the highest quality jewellery that meets the international standards and the standards set by the Lithuanian Assay Chamber and the philosophy of our company if you shop in Ziedelis.lt e-store.


All products sold in Ziedelis.lt stores are marked with jewellery quality marks mandatory in Lithuania: fineness, gemstone certificate, responsibility mark. We believe in the quality of out products so we provide every product with 2-year warranty.


We reserve the right to invalidate the warranty if the items are damaged through the fault of the Buyer: scratched, folded, etc.