Jewellery store is not just a jewellery store. It is a team of professionals, always ready to listen to your needs and help you choose the most suitable option.

Experienced craftsmen spend many hours working on high-quality jewellery before it reaches you to enjoy. We select and accurately evaluate each product, so you can be sure that you are purchasing an item that meets the highest quality standards.

We are well aware that in the modern world everything changes fast, including jewellery. Our team of young, energetic, customer-oriented jewellery experts are constantly keeping a eye on the latest trends in the world of jewellery and gemstones and passing the news on to the team of jewellers with 25 year experience.

We are working to find the most suitable piece of jewellery for you that expresses your personality and tells your story!


Our philosophy

We believe that a piece of jewellery is not just a beautiful shiny thing or a status symbol. We see each piece of jewellery as an individual story. A story you may want to give meaning to or just starting to create. That’s why we’re not trying to be a mass-market network looking to produce thousands of identical jewellery pieces.

Our jewelers, who have 25 years of experience, are experts in their craft, striving to give each item exclusivity. You can be sure that the piece of jewellery you are holding in your hands has been very well thought through and made with great love for our work. We have no doubt you will feel it!


Wide range and affordable prices

In the store we sell rings, earrings, pendants, which are made in Western European countries. We carefully select only high-quality and up to date jewellery. offers its customers jewellery made of gold, platinum, inlaid with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones.

For customers who particularly appreciate uniqueness and exclusivity, we offer the production of jewellery to individual order. You will be sure that nowhere in the world will you meet a person wearing exactly the same piece of jewellery. We will help you express your uniqueness!

Exceptional, high-quality products at an affordable price are our business card and our top priority. We believe that time-tested quality jewellery must be affordable to everyone.

The most important thing for us is that you discover YOUR piece of jewellery. means jewellery for real people, with real stories!


All products can be viewed in Kaunas or Vilnius by prior arrangement seven days a week from 8am to 8pm. Read more about delivery terms and payment in the "Delivery" and "Payment" sections.

Requisite information:

MB "Žiedelio didmena" 

Company code: 304424857 

Address: Kaunas, Taikos pr. 88A-311  

Phone number: +37060341418 



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